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Use of "Fear God"

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Dr. Nash O. Thompson II
November 27, 2004 at 16:50:59:

Dear Craig,

Would you please help me to understand the origin / why people use the terms: 'I am a God-fearing person.'

This expression totally counters my feeling about God. --- I could never fear God because God is Love and Love is God.

In recent years, whenever a pastor-friend of mine presents scriptures from the Bible in which words such as 'fear of God' are included, he immediately interprets 'fear' as 'revere.' --- Does this mean that somehow in the translation of the Bible throughout the ages, some overzealous translator thought it would be good to have people fear God rather than to revere God as a way to scare people into behaving good?

Please receive my sincere regards, and I look forward to your response.



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